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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Honorable Mention at National Art Exhibition

Last night Kathy and I went to the opening reception for the National Art Exhibition sponsored by the Artists Association of Northern Colorado. This is the 19th year for the event. and it is the first event I have entered since setting up the website, getting my work printed and ready to offer.

There was a good turnout at the event. The exhibit is open through May 7, 2010. Juried by Frank Francese, NWS the committee received more than 800 entries from 300 artists covering 13 states and as far away as Taiwan. The juror selected 130 piece for display in the show.

I was pleasantly surprised to receiving and Honorable Mention award. Frank commented that my image '32 Pontiac' reminded him of childhood with the old gravity gas pumps and automobile. He joked that the only thing missing was a station attendant.

After the awards ceremony I went back up and had my friend Karen McKee take a photo of me with the entry. As I walked around the exhibit one person actually tracked me down and asked for a card so he could see my other works.

The print is prominently located near the front of the exhibit are as you enter the Lincoln Center in downtown Ft. Collins, CO. You can learn more about the exhibit at Artist Association of Northern Colorado.